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How To Stay Committed To Reaching Your Goals

Let’s admit it, we all have that one goal we’ve been trying to reach, yet have failed to achieve. Think about countless New Year’s resolution attempts, broken piggy banks, a planned vacation that remains a plan, and weight that hasn’t been lost.

Commit To Your Goals

So how exactly do we go about having a goal and then actually achieving it?

The key to success is an often-used word, yet only followed by a few – “commitment”. Yes, the word does not only apply to relationships. It also applies to everything else in life that one wishes to achieve. It could be with regard to your first million dollars, your weight-loss program, your love life, or simply beating your early-morning alarm.

Commitment is the Key

The only problem is that not everyone stays committed. The word itself is associated with fear, distraction, procrastination, and what-not. You are in luck though, because below are a set of tricks you can carry up your sleeve should you plan to tackle your goals head-on.

Set a Clear and Definite Goal

Another cliché, but this actually is a herculean task for most of us. You must set a realistic goal first, one that you think is worth your efforts, if you intend to achieve a result.

It’s not enough that you know what you want to achieve. You also should have a detailed plan before you take that first step. As soon as the path has been carved, it will only be a matter of time (and willpower) before you reach the destination.


We all fall victim to pitfalls and unexpected turns. In fact, a lot of people give up after the first fall or wrong turn. When challenges come up and emotions cloud your judgment, you need to focus on what your real purpose is and go on with your journey.

Keep Moving

This is the reason why goals are planned ahead in detail, so you will not have to analyze (or over-analyze) when you are already midway through your journey. Sacrifices are expected and you will fall a few times. Just get up and keep moving until you reach your destination. Stopping in your tracks, giving up, and turning back are no longer options at this point.


Take it from Mary Poppins, “Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. Don’t think of your goal as a task, but a game.

After all, it’s in the journey that we learn the most lessons – not the destination.

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