Mastering Self-Discipline

Be the Person You Want to Be

Traits of Self-Disciplined People

When someone is referred to as self-disciplined, it means that they’re intrinsically motivated enough to avoid short-term temptations, in order to achieve long-term goals.

Disciplined person

They tend to be the person everyone else can count on to get things done. They are highly reliable people who are often very successful. They are people with integrity.

If You’re Self-Disciplined, You:

  Take Personal Responsibility for Your Actions – If you want to demonstrate self-discipline, at its core, it’s all about realizing you are responsible for your own actions and no one else’s. When things go right or wrong, you look at how your own behavior affected the situation and then note what you’ll do again, and how you can do better next time.

   Believe You Are Responsible for Yourself – A person with strong self-discipline doesn’t usually need outside influence to do the right thing. They are very sure of their core values and will put them ahead of what they “want” and do what is right.

  Understand Your Own Potential – People who have strong self-discipline tend to realize that they have a lot more power than the average person thinks they have. Due to this, they set up their lives in a way that will lead them to succeed, because they know they can do it.

  Know How to Set Goals Properly – When you know that your actions make a great deal of difference to your success, you’ll place a high level of importance on learning how to set goals properly. Learn about SMART goals so that you can set yourself up for success.

  Set Schedules and Routines for Daily Life – Everyone is handed the same 24 hours in a day. The way highly successful people use that time is the only difference. They tend to schedule everything and do things at certain times ritualistically, because it helps them do more in their lives and experience more balance.

  Feel Grateful Every Day – Looking on the bright side is a trait of people who have self-confidence, because they tend to believe in their life and the world around them. Keeping a gratitude journal can help anyone learn to feel more grateful.

  Are a Lifelong Learner – Sadly, most of the world doesn’t read after they’re finished with school. But a person who has self-discipline is usually a lifetime learner. They like reading and learning and always make time for it.

  Take Care of Your Entire Self – The reason self-discipline helps you take care of yourself is that you’re able to see how some hard decisions made today (such as not to have that piece of cake) will pay off tomorrow.

  Are Confident, Patient and Calm – Because you don’t feel powerless, and because you know how to make goals and plans to reach those goals, you can feel a lot more confident, patient, and calm. There is no reason to get into anyone’s drama and even when things are tough, you know you’ll make it through if you follow the steps and your schedule.

  Forgive Yourself and Others for Their Imperfections – Since you constantly work on yourself, you realize that no one is perfect and that it’s okay. Human imperfections are what makes everyone interesting.

The most important thing to realize about self-discipline is that you don’t have to be perfect from day one. If you want to improve your chances of experiencing success, working on your self-discipline is the key to that success.

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